Ghaddul Bashar

"Sesungguhnya bukanlah mata itu yang buta tetapi hati yang letaknya di dalam jasad itu yang buta"

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Gone With The Wind..Ops Exam!

Got To Go Now On..
To PURSUIT DDS (Degree of Dental Surgeon) 2008

Pray for me and my fellow friends in pursuing our degree by this May. Nonetheless, congrats to all my x-practicums, my blok A1 first floor and opposite room members in UKM whom already entitled DOCTORS. InsyaAllah, من جد وجد ومن سار على الدرب وصل (he who strives, finds; and he who pursues the path, arrives).

p/s: isn't he so charming, this is my current indulge beside study..sugar pastry. Above is Chef James Roselle, an instructor+sugar pastry chef. A quite good looking face with delicate,artistry fingers. Oh chef,can I borrow your hands...need to carve here and there, crown prep and so on..but the problem is they are not for eating!Duh,..Erk, ada org jeles ke?PIps(^_^)
credit to the photographer..