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"Sesungguhnya bukanlah mata itu yang buta tetapi hati yang letaknya di dalam jasad itu yang buta"

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Little Part Of Me

It isn't easy but must go through

How many times I crying and laughing? Most of times, thinking..questioning..trying and been done this and that. Being married and having child is not an easy task, but I'm grateful to Him.

Me, just not being me. Did I lost 'myself' somewhere or just turn out becoming a new leaf to an old tree of me? Sometimes I did confess to my own staff since we are almost in the same shoes~ a new mother, bit relieve...we 'mourn' and then laugh at each other foolness. Ew.. the ugly truth that happens to most women I shall said. Get married and give birth to a child, then you know how..Its okay to get mad, angry and not happy with yourself sometimes but at some point, ready to boost the positive thinking and attitude towards it. And its good to have someone that you trust to confide in the emotion~ (hoho..i shall say, men eg: husband is bestly avoided since they are .....(fill in the blank) but certain issues is unavoided) We aren't saint afterall =P

Life's getting tough these days, with horrible experiences daily at works and outside esp peoples but at same time do contented with what we have. Knowing that other people even suffer much more than us.

The truth, I wanna go home..the place I keep missing my old days and myself. I miss my life...a time which I knew myself better and deeper..a little girl of my mother and father. Surrounded by a family which happiness is all about, helping each other to be better and no heartache. I never cried back then, when mother always rub my back and hugs me warmly with her soothing I know why mothers are so special.

Afterall, thank you Allah for everything you give us. Alhamdulillah..


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